Thursday, February 26, 2015

Deceased Notice - SUBJECT Lines in Emails

Last updated 2/26/15

For a long time the 'Subject:' line in an email was the precursor to the message.  Though somewhat unnecessary it was a good way to sort your emails and find an email from a colleague that you lost long ago.

But it is now 2015 and text messaging is the ubiquitous form of communication.  These little bundles of thoughts get sent from phone to phone all day and it has lead to a change in our thinking:  We don't need a subject line.

No Longer Needed

Now, the obvious question is how will we find the correct email without the subject line.  And the solution is already here.  Our search capabilities are way better than the ones used in 2001 in Outlook. 

With today's search technology you can find any message you want and it's faster and easier than reading through subject lines.  So I am going to have to announce to all those that don't want it to happen;  the subject line is gone.  Don't look for it in future email browsers or Outlook/Thunderbird.  

It's antiquated and it needs to go.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Get Any File From Your Computer - From Any Where

Last updated - 9.29.14

I just found an amazing feature on Microsoft OneDrive.  It will allow me to access any of my computers that have installed OneDrive and download any file.

This is amazing!  Hallelujah!! No need for Dropbox or LogMeIn or TeamViewer!!

Yes Yes Yes!!

This blog post was not compensated by Microsoft - but that feature is DOPE!